How long does it take to switch?

The switch takes 21 days from start to finish

This includes a 2-week cooling off period. It only takes 2 minutes to set up, and we’ll do the leg work from there. Your energy supply will be uninterrupted throughout.

Here's a quick rundown of what happens during the switch.

Day 1 - You sign up with Bulb. We'll send you a welcome pack with everything you need to know.
Day 9 - We'll check in to let you know how the switch is going and give you a heads up that we'll ask for a meter reading in a weeks time.
Day 16 - We'll ask you for your first meter reading to make sure our billing is as accurate as possible. We'll remind you over the next few days if we don't get a reading.
Day 19 - We'll give you a heads up that your first payment is coming out in a couple of days.
Day 22 - Hurray! Your switch has completed. Wasn't that easy?

We'll send you your first statement a month later, and from there it's plain sailing.

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