What about exit fees from my current supplier?

We’ll refund your exit fees.

If you leave another supplier with more than 49 days left on a fixed contract, you may be charged an exit fee. But don’t worry, we’ll refund exit fees to your Bulb Account up to £120 (£60 per fuel).

Click here to request a refund of your exit fees. We’ll also email this link to you before your switch completes. Fill in the form and upload a copy, photocopy or scan of your final bill. We’ll credit the amount to your Bulb Account within 2 working days.

Just make sure that the supply address, bill date and exit fee charges are all clearly displayed on the final bill.

The amount will stay as credit in your Bulb Account. If you’d like it refunded to your bank account, or offset against future payments, drop us a line at help@bulb.co.uk.

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