MPANs and MPRNs - finding your meter supply point numbers

A supply point number is a number that energy companies use to uniquely identify your property.

The supply point number is called an:

  • MPAN for electricity
  • MPRN or MPR for gas


MPAN stands for meter point administration number. Every property in the country should have one. It looks like this:

An image of a small numerical table, with 2 rows. The second row has a set of 13 digits. These digits are the MPAN

You can find it on the ‘Electricity use in detail’ page of your monthly statement from Bulb. If someone asks for your MPAN, you only need to give them the numbers in the bottom row of the table.



MPRN stands for meter point reference number. You only have one of these if you have gas at your property.

You can find your MPRN on the ‘Gas use in detail’ page of your monthly statement from Bulb. It’s printed just below your address. Your MPRN doesn’t contain any letters or numbers, and unlike your MPAN, it isn’t shown in a table.

Download your statements from our account update emails, the Bulb account or app

To find your MPAN or MPRN, download your latest statement from:

  • your monthly Bulb account update email, where it’s attached as a PDF - the subject will be ‘Your Bulb account update’
  • the ‘Payments & statements’ section of your Bulb account - just click ‘Download statement’ in the ‘Statements’ table
  • the Bulb app - visit ‘Payments’ and tap ‘Statement’ to download


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