If you've signed up using your friend's referral link

You'll get £50 credit (or £25 if you only switched electricity) if you've used your friend's referral link when signing up.

We'll put the referral credit in your Bulb account once your switch is complete. This usually takes 21 days. 

If you have a key or card meter (also called a top-up or prepay meter), you'll get your credit as a TransferWise payment to your bank account after you make your first top-up. TransferWise will email you to get your bank account details 1 to 2 days after your top-up. Once they send your money, it'll usually take 1 to 3 working days to arrive in your account.


If you've referred a friend

You'll get £50 credit (or £25 if they only switch electricity) if your friend switches to Bulb using your referral link.

We'll put the referral credit in your Bulb account when your friend's switch has completed.

You can see all your successful referrals in your Bulb account.


Some people may not be eligible for referral credit

Sometimes a person you've referred may not receive a referral credit. This could be because:

  • they didn’t use your referral link when signing up
  • they’re already a Bulb member
  • the property they’re moving into is already supplied by Bulb
  • they left Bulb in the last 12 months and are switching back



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