Changing your Direct Debit amount, date or bank account details

Sign in to your Bulb account and go to your Payment settings

You can change:

  • the amount you pay
  • when your payment comes out of your bank account
  • which bank account you pay from

If you signed up using a debit card you can also switch your payments to Direct Debit. 


Cancelling your payments

If you pay for your energy monthly by Direct Debit, it’s important to keep an active Direct Debit in your Bulb account.

An active Direct Debit will make sure:

  • you’re always paying for the energy you’re using
  • your account isn’t building up a negative balance (or ‘debit’)
  • you’ll never be charged an admin fee for missing a payment

If you cancel your Direct Debit and stop making payments for your energy, we may charge you an admin fee. This is £15 for your first missed payment, and £20 for each missed payment that follows. 

If you are struggling to pay for your energy, there are different ways we can support you. The most important thing to do, is get in touch.

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