We're installing smart meters across the country throughout 2020.

Right now, we're inviting people we think are most likely to have a successful installation. This means members in areas with trained engineers and good network coverage. As we get more engineers on board and the network coverage increases, we'll be inviting more people.

You can switch to Bulb if you already have a smart meter with another supplier. At the moment, we should be able to read it automatically if it’s:

  • second generation (SMETS2) - your meter will usually be SMETS2 if it was installed after February 2019
  • first generation (SMETS1) and has the manufacturer’s name ‘Secure’ printed on it

We can’t read other SMETS1 meters just yet. But there’s a nationwide fix happening to make sure they start by the end of April 2021. So if you join Bulb with a SMETS1 meter, you might need to submit manual meter readings for now.


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