We're installing the latest SMETS2 smart meters, also known as second generation smart meters, for our members throughout the UK.

SMETS2 meters can be read by any supplier. So if you decide to switch supplier, your meter won’t lose its smart features.

If you’re not with Bulb, you can get a smart meter after you switch. We’ll check there’s a strong enough signal in your area, so your meter can connect to the smart meter network. Then we’ll invite you to book an installation. If you’ve already got a smart meter, there’s another article on switching to Bulb with a smart meter.

Find out more about the benefits of getting a smart meter.

You can book an installation in your Bulb account

If you haven’t got a smart meter, you can book an installation at any time in your Bulb account. We’ll ask you a few questions about your property, and then you can choose the best date and time for the engineer to come and fit your meters.

If you’ve got a smart meter, but Bulb can’t read it, we won’t be replacing your meter. That’s because we’re making older smart meters smart again soon.

If you can’t see the option to book an installation

It might be because there’s poor network coverage in your area, or you’re still in the middle of switching to us. Read more about why we might not be able to install a smart meter at your property just yet.

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