When will Bulb roll out smart meters?


Everyone in Britain should be offered a smart meter by their supplier by 2020. Bulb will be offering them to members from late 2018.

Bulb choose to install second generation smart meters, which work ‘smartly’ with any supplier.

There are also first generation smart meters, which are in some homes now. Most of the time, these meters only work ‘smartly’ with the supplier who installed them. When you switch suppliers, the meter becomes a non-smart, ‘dumb’ meter.


At Bulb, we aimed to roll-out smart meters at the beginning of 2018, but industry-wide software delays meant this wasn’t possible. A lot of progress has been made recently, and we think we will be able to start installing second generation smart meters in our members’ homes by late-2018. We’re testing our second generation smart set-up as we speak.


In the meantime, we are working on reading a certain type of first generation smart meter. We have partnered with a smart meter operator who operate around a third of the smart meters on the market. This will mean that, soon, we will be able to receive readings from this set of original first generation smart meters.

To read more about the roll-out of smart meters across the country see Smart Energy GB’s website. Smart Energy GB are an organisation independent of the government and any energy supplier.

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