When will Bulb roll out smart meters?

Most Bulb members will have the option to request and book in for a smart installation appointment at the start of 2019. We’ll be contacting everyone about smart meters throughout 2019 and 2020.

We’re choosing to install second-generation smart meters, which work to their full capacity with any supplier. Our aim was to roll-out smart meters at the beginning of 2018, but we were hit by industry-wide software delays. These delays have continued throughout the year.

In December 2018, we’ll be installing smart meters in a small selection of member homes. We’ll select members from our waiting list first, but we’ll filter for members in the locations with well-trained engineers. Right now, engineers from every supplier are still being trained on the rollout.

There's a quick form to complete if you'd like to join the smart meter waiting list.

You can switch to Bulb if you already have a smart meter with another supplier. At the moment, we can't automatically read another supplier's smart meter if it's a first generation (SMETS1) smart meter. While we're working on ways to fix this, in the beginning you'll still need to manually submit meter readings.   

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