What should I do if I'm moving out?

Switching Bulb to your new home

If you'd like to take Bulb with you to your new home, the most important step is to take meter readings on your move out date. This will allow us to correctly close your account and bill you for the energy used at that property.

To do this, go through the 'Moving home' process in your Bulb Account. Let us know the date you moved out and the meter readings on this date.

Once you've completed it, you'll be redirected to the signup page where you can switch your new property to Bulb. 

Closing your account

If you don't want to move Bulb to your new home, go through the 'Moving home' process, as above, and simply exit the site once you've submitted your information.

We'll use the information you've given us to generate your final bill and close your account. If you're in debit, you'll need to make one last payment, and if you're in credit, we'll refund this to your bank account.

Throughout this process, your energy supply will never be cut off.





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