How do I refer a friend?

Share your referral link with your friend.
Referral links look like this: 

You can find your unique referral link in your Bulb Account by clicking on 'Refer a Friend'.
You can also refer on the go with the Bulb app by tapping 'Free Energy'. 

When clicking on your link, your friend will be guided to your page to quote and set up their switch. There's no referral code to input. They simply need to follow your link.

If your friend has forgotten to use your referral link, we won't be able to credit any of your accounts. So make sure your friend uses your referral link when they sign up.

When do I get my reward?
We’ll add credit to both you and your friend's Bulb Account when their switch completes successfully. This will be 3 weeks after they sign you up. We’ll shoot you both an email when it happens. It’s possible that your friend might not complete the switch. Fingers crossed this won’t happen though.

How many times can I earn this reward?
About 26 million. There are “only” about 26 million homes in the UK, so you’ve got a few to get through before you run out.

How can I tell who I’ve referred?
We’ll send you an email whenever someone signs up with your link. You can also track the status of your referrals in your Bulb Account or in the app.

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