Share your referral link with your friend, and make sure they use it to switch

The quickest way to share your link is using the Bulb app, because you're always signed in. If you don't have the Bulb app yet, you can download it for iOS or download it for Android.

Inside the app, tap 'Get £50' at the bottom of the screen, then tap the green box to copy your link. Next, paste it into a chat with friends, paste it into an email or your favourite social media apps.

You can also find your link in the 'Refer a friend' section of your Bulb account. You can copy and paste it into a message, or send an email directly to a friend.

There are templates available to share your link on social media

You can use social media or messaging apps (like WhatsApp) to share your link with friends and family. We know gas and electricity aren't traditional conversation starters, so we've built a bank of Bulby templates to make referring on social media a bit more more fun. Find out more and download the templates.

To get credit, your friend must sign up using your link

If your friend doesn't sign up using your link, we can't tell they're your friend. It's important to let them know that even if they check Bulb's prices on a price comparison website, they'll need to sign up using your link to get the referral credit.

You'll receive the credit when your friend's switch completes, or they've made their first top-up

It usually takes 21 days to complete a switch. If your friend has a key or card meter, you'll receive your credit once they've made their first top-up after they've switched. Find out more about how you'll get your referral credit.

You can refer as many people as you like

There's no limit to the amount of people you can refer. So feel free to tell everyone you know – any friend of yours is a friend of ours.

Some members may not be eligible for referral credit

Sometimes a member may not receive a referral credit. This could be for one of the following reasons:

  • They haven't used their friend's referral link
  • They've already been with Bulb in the past 12 months
  • Their property is already supplied by Bulb
  • They've already been referred to Bulb while at their current property

Read our Terms and Conditions for more information about our referral programme.

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