Why didn't you use my meter reading?

When a meter reading doesn’t seem quite right compared to a property’s previous readings, we use an estimated reading to calculate the monthly statement. The estimate is calculated using the property's expected usage.

Every property has an expected usage

Every property has an expected usage which is used to make sure that statements are accurate. We'll often question a meter reading when it doesn't match up with the expected usage. This can happen if a member mistypes the reading, or if they’ve read the wrong meter. 

In some cases, if a member is sure the reading is correct we may ask them to send us a photo of the meter. We'll use this to double check the reading. Sometimes a reading can look wrong even when it's right. This can happen when:

  • We’ve recently replaced the meter
  • A member’s usage drastically changes, for example, they’ve started charging an electric vehicle at home

Past meter readings are used to calculate estimates

Estimated readings are given to us by a company called USS. They use the past meter readings of a property to calculate the expected usage. They provide us with a usage range, which we use to decide if a meter reading is correct.

If a meter reading falls outside this range, we may need to make sure it's correct by requesting a photo of the meter.

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