Updating your personal information

There are different ways to update your personal information, depending on what you need to update.

Adding a second person to account or statements

Follow our guide on adding a second name to your account.


If you think we've got the wrong address for you, get in touch and let us know the correct address so we can look into it.

Moving house

You can let us know you're moving house by choosing 'Move out' in your Bulb account. We'll ask for:

  • the date you're moving out
  • meter readings close to that date

Email address

To change the email address you use for your Bulb account, go to the 'Account settings' page and choose 'Change contact details'.

This will change the email address you use for both:

  • signing into your Bulb account
  • receiving statements and other Bulb correspondence

Name change

If your name has changed, send us an email with a copy of your deed poll or marriage certificate attached.


To change the password you use to sign into your account, you can either:

When choosing a password:

  • use a password unique to Bulb 
  • make it at least 8 characters long
  • choose 3 or 4 random words to make up your password, it's harder for a computer to crack and you're more likely to remember it
  • don't substitute numbers for letters, or write your password down
  • use a password manager to keep track of your passwords

You can also check out the UK Standard Advice for secure passwords.

Phone number

To change the phone number that's linked to your Bulb account, go to the 'Account settings' page of your Bulb account and choose 'Change contact details'.




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