Using referral credit to pay for your energy

If you build up enough referral credit, you can use it to help pay for your energy. You'll do this by reducing your monthly payments, so your credit covers the difference between your energy usage and what you're paying.

We'll email you to let you know when you've built up credit. And so you don't have to work out how much to lower your payments, we'll even suggest a new payment amount that'll allow you to spend your credit over a few months. 

Or you can go to the 'Payment settings' page of your Bulb account – we'll suggest a lower payment amount there if it looks like you've built up some credit.

And remember, because we take payments for the month ahead, you should make sure you have enough credit in your Bulb account to cover next month’s usage. We also advise keeping in a bit extra to make sure you don't go into debit during the winter, when your usage typically increases. Our suggested payment takes this into account.

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