Two rate meters (including Economy 7)

If you have a 2 rate meter (including Economy 7), you'll usually pay different rates for your electricity depending on when you use it. This usually means a day rate and a cheaper, off-peak night rate.


Which tariff you're on depends on how many off-peak hours your meter has. If your meter has:

  • less than 8.5 off-peak hours, you’ll be on our 2 rate tariff
  • 8.5 off-peak hours or more, you’ll be on our single rate tariff

Switching your meter

To a standard meter

If you want to switch to a standard, single rate meter, it'll cost £120. To request a standard meter, email us at

To a 2 rate meter

We don't currently offer new 2 rate meters, so you can't switch from a standard meter to a 2 rate meter at the moment.

We hope to be able to offer 2 rate tariffs on our smart meters in the future. Find out more about our smart meter roll-out.


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