If your old supplier’s final meter readings don’t match our opening readings

We'll look into this for you. Please fill out our contact form and attach a recent picture of your meters. The display and meter serial number should be clearly visible in the photo.

We’ll then compare that to the readings you gave us.  

If there's a problem, we'll get in touch with your old supplier to make sure we're using the same reading. It could take a few weeks for them to make a decision.

What’s actually happening

When you switch to Bulb, we ask you to submit meter readings close to your switch date.

The readings are checked by an independent regulator. If the readings are much lower or higher than expected, the regulator will reject them, and ask us to use an estimate instead.

When you send us a picture, we’ll check the readings for you. Depending on how different the meter readings are, your old supplier and Bulb could agree to change our records. If the regulator decides the estimates are close enough to the actual reading, they'll ask us to stick with the estimate.

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