How to switch your business energy to Bulb

It’s easy to switch your business to Bulb. There are 2 steps:

  1. Get a quote.
  2. Give notice to your current supplier.

How to get a quote for your business energy

Most businesses can get a quote online. We'll need a few details, including your business's annual electricity usage and your email address. 

Once you've got your quote, you can give notice to your current supplier.

If your business has a 2 rate meter or only uses gas

We’ll need to ask for a few more details about your set up.

Get a quote:

If your business uses a half-hourly meter

We’ll need to ask for a few more details about the times of day you’re using energy. Find out how to get a quote for a half-hourly meter.

If you have multiple properties or multiple meters

We can’t provide online quotes for multiple properties yet, but we can provide these quotes by email. 

To get a quote, send an email to with details of:

Our quotes for multiple properties are calculated using our single business tariff, with a standing charge applied for each meter. 

If you’re a sole trader

Unfortunately, if you’re a sole trader, we won’t be able to supply you just yet.

How to give notice to your current supplier

You need to let your current supplier know you want to switch away, even if your contract with them has already finished. 

To give notice, send an email to your current supplier at least 30 days before the end of your contract, and include your account number and supply point numbers (MPAN and MPRN). 

Here’s an example email you can use:

Please accept this email as notice that I’d like to terminate my contract with you on [contract end date].

My details are as follows:

Account number: _______

MPAN: _______

MPRN: _______

Please let me know when I should schedule my switch to another supplier.

Find your current supplier’s contact details

We’ve listed the easiest ways to get in touch with your current supplier. Some companies have dedicated email addresses, and others ask you to call or complete a form online. We recommend that if you have a dedicated account manager, you should email them and cc the relevant email address.

Supplier Email address
British Gas
EDF Notice to Leave, contact form
E.On or 
Haven Power 
Scottish Power
SSE  SSE Phone number and contact details
Total Gas & Power 
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