Why is my old supplier still charging me?

At Bulb, we take your monthly payment in advance, but many other suppliers take theirs in arrears, so around the switch you might make two energy payments in one month. One of these is for the energy you have already used with your old supplier, and the other for the energy you will use for the month ahead with Bulb.

Don’t worry, you aren’t paying for your energy twice. Both suppliers agree on the switchover meter readings. Your old supplier will refund any overpayments you’ve made when your account with them is closed.

You can expect your final bill from your previous supplier around 6 weeks after the switch date. If you’ve paid them during this time, this will also be refunded to you as part of the final bill.

All you need to do is sit tight and wait for the final bill. It’s always worth keeping an eye on payments. If you don’t think they should have been taken you should call your old supplier and ask them what the payment was for.

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