What to do if my final readings don’t match Bulb’s opening readings?

If you have one, email a photo of your meter readings to help@bulb.co.uk so we can double check them. Please also tell us the final readings your old supplier has used.

We ask you to submit meter readings when you switch to Bulb. We send these to your old supplier for them to close your account. On the way, the readings go through the electricity and gas industries to be validated.

This means your readings can be rejected before reaching your old supplier (e.g. if your readings are lower or higher than expected). If this happens, an estimated reading is used instead.

To make sure you’re not paying twice for energy, your old supplier’s final readings must be the same as Bulb’s opening readings. If you’ve noticed you’re being billed with estimated readings that are very inaccurate, email help@bulb.co.uk and we can get the readings changed for you.

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