Smart meters use radio waves to send meter readings to your energy supplier, and these radio waves don’t pose a risk to your health.

All smart meters have to meet strict health and safety standards. Read more about smart meters and health at GOV.UK.

If you want to replace your smart meter

We can replace your smart meters with non-smart meters. 

This costs £350 per meter, unless you provide a signed doctor's note explaining how your health has been affected, in which case we'll cover the cost.

Smart meter data

The smart metering system has been designed with security at its heart. And that means data privacy too. So if you’ve got a smart meter, unless you say otherwise, only your supplier can read your meter. The National Cyber Security Centre have shared information about the security behind the Smart Metering System on their own website.

Smart meter readings are sent over a mobile or radio wide area network (WAN), and data is sent to your home over a secure wireless home area network (HAN). Both networks have been built so the data you send and receive is always secure.

You’re always in control of your data with a smart meter, and you can choose how often your meter takes readings at any time. 

We follow industry guidelines on how we handle your data. You can also read more about your rights in this guide from Ofgem.


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