Your smart meter data: how Bulb handles it, and who we'll share it with

The government has set rules about how we, and other suppliers, can handle and use the data collected from your smart meter. This includes what information we get from your smart meter, and who we can share that information with. 

It’s important to have control over how your data is collected and shared. You’ll always be able to choose:

  • how often your smart meter takes readings 
  • whether Bulb can share details about your energy usage with other organisations
  • whether Bulb can use your meter readings for sales and marketing

We receive automatic readings from your smart meter

Your smart meter takes automatic readings and sends these to your Bulb account. If you pay for your energy monthly by Direct Debit, we use your meter readings to understand how much energy you’ve used, and calculate how much that energy costs. You’ll see the cost of your energy in your monthly statement and in your Bulb account.

In addition, anonymised smart meter data helps us manage the energy of all our members. By combining member data, we’re able to calculate how much energy is used in total. This helps us forecast demand more accurately and make smarter decisions when buying your energy.

You can choose how often your smart meter takes readings

If you want to change how often your meter takes readings, you can update your settings in your Bulb account, or in the app, at any time. You can choose between half-hourly, daily, or monthly readings. More frequent readings give you access to more detailed information about your energy usage. 

Unless you set a preference, or tell us otherwise, we’ll take daily readings from your meter.

We don't receive information from your In-Home Display (IHD)

Bulb doesn’t have access to the live information on your In-Home Display (IHD). Your IHD is the small, portable screen you were offered when your smart meter was installed. It connects wirelessly to your meters and shows how much energy you’re using - it updates every 30 minutes for gas, and roughly every 10 seconds for electricity.

There are some occasions when we might need to share your smart meter data

We'll only ever share your smart meter data with the following organisations if necessary:

  • energy industry partners - these are the people that help us deliver energy to your home
  • market regulators - we’ll do this when regulations require us to
  • law enforcement bodies - if necessary to protect against fraud or aid criminal investigations

No personal information will be shared. The only data we receive from your smart meter, and the only data we would share, are your meter readings, supply numbers, and meter serial number. 

If we ever need to share your data with anyone else, we’ll always contact you to let you know. For independent advice about your rights and choices relating to the use of personal data, visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website.


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