What is a smart meter and how does it work?


A smart meter is just that - a meter that’s smarter than your average meter.

Smart meters record the energy you use, just like a normal meter. How they differ from a non-smart meter is that they are able to send usage data over to your supplier. That means your supplier will no longer need to estimate your energy use based on manual meter readings, often taken infrequently. Instead, your bill will accurately reflect your actual energy use.

There are some big advantages to smart meters over standard meters:

  1. They’re accurate and convenient. With a standard meter you typically rely on your supplier’s estimate of your energy usage. If you want your bill to be based on your actual usage you have to take your own readings and submit them manually.
  2. They also give you information about your energy usage habits. The display shows real-time data, including your energy use (in kWh) and its cost. That can help you to track how your lifestyle affects your household energy use. With this information you'll be able to find ways to use less energy, which in turn will help to lower your bill.
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