Can I choose how often Bulb receives my smart meter readings?



You can choose to send readings to us every half hour, daily, weekly or monthly. This is up to you and depends on the level of detail you’d like to see about your energy use in your Bulb Account. We will need to read the meter at least once a month so we can send you accurate statements.

By default, we'll collect a reading from your smart meter once a day. We will take a reading every half hour if you give us your permission to do so. 

If you ever want to change how often Bulb receives your meter readings just drop us an email at


We may need to take a meter reading outside of the agreed frequency times.

This would be when:

  • You’re moving out of your property, so we take a meter reading to close your account
  • You’re switching away from Bulb, so we take a closing meter reading
  • You contact Bulb and ask for us to collect a reading from your meter
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