What will Bulb do with my smart meter readings?


We receive meter readings automatically from your smart meter. Meter readings are taken to understand how much energy you’ve used, and accurately calculate how much money you’ve spent. You’ll see this information in your Bulb Account.

In addition to that, anonymised smart meter data helps us to manage the energy of all our members. By combining member data, we’re able to calculate how much energy is used collectively. This helps us to forecast demand more accurately and make smarter decisions when buying your energy.

Occasionally we will need to share your anonymised smart meter data with:

  • Energy industry partners - These are the people that help us deliver energy to your home.
  • Market regulators - We’ll do this when we’re required to under regulations.
  • Law enforcement bodies - If necessary to protect against fraud or aid criminal investigations.

Find out more about who we share your smart meter data with and why.

If you’re testing our smart tariff, your meter will send us readings every half hour. The true cost of energy changes throughout the day according to demand, so we use these readings to reflect the true cost of your energy usage. Understanding the cost means you can reduce your monthly bill by changing your habits. For example, use your dishwasher or washing machine outside of busy peak hours, or charge your electric vehicle overnight.

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