What will Bulb do with my smart meter readings?


Bulb will receive a monthly reading from your smart meter and will use this for your monthly statement. This means that your statements will be accurate each month - you’ll know exactly how much energy you’ve used and how much money you’ve spent.

If Bulb receive your half-hourly or daily meter readings, we are working on improving your Bulb Account experience by updating your usage chart to show your energy consumption each day or each half hour. This extra information will give more context behind your statements and will help identify where you can save money, reducing your carbon footprint at the same time, too.

If you have allowed Bulb to read your smart meter every half an hour, we will also ask if we can use your data to understand how our members use energy. This means we'll learn how to buy energy for lower prices and we'll be able to build new products and services for you.

We’re not planning to use your smart meter readings to sell you any products or services. If we did, we would ask for your consent before using your data in this way.

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