Moving home if you have top-up meters (also called prepay)

Whether you’ve moved out of your home, or into a new one, with a prepayment meter, it’s important to get in touch with us.

Leaving a home with a prepayment meter

When you move out, let us know. We’ll ask for some meter readings and check all your account details are correct. This will help us bill you for the right dates. 

If you have debt on your top-up meter we’ll let you know how to manage this, whether by monthly instalments, a one-off payment or moving it to your new account.  

Moving into a home with a prepayment meter

If you have just moved into your new home and it's supplied by Bulb with a top-up meter, get in touch so we can get your account set up.

There may be debt on the account from the previous occupier that you won’t need to pay for. We’ll remove this for you.

We’ll explain how prepayment meters work, check you have everything you need to top up and send you a welcome pack to sign in to your Bulb account.

If you’ve moved in and haven’t got a key or card to top up your meter, get in touch with us.

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