Moving home if you have top up (prepay) meters

Whether you're moving in or moving out, if there's a top up meter in your home, it’s important to get in touch with us. We'll make sure your account is in the right name, and that you're only paying for the energy you've actually used.

What to do if you're:

Moving out of a home with a top up meter

When you move out, let us know. The best time to do that is up to 48 hours before you move out. We’ll check your details are correct and close your account. Then we'll send you a final bill, which will show if there is any credit or debt on your account.

We'll refund your credit

If there's credit on your meter when you close your account, we'll send you a refund 3 to 5 working days after we send your final bill. If we’ve got your bank details, we’ll pay your refund into your bank account. If not, our secure payment partner Wise will send you an email about how to collect it. Find out more about getting payments through Wise.

We'll explain how to repay any debt

If you have debt on your top up meter we'll let you know on your final bill. And within 3 to 5 days, we'll be in touch to explain how to repay it. Depending on the type of debt, we'll ask you to repay us directly, or we'll transfer your debt to your new supplier.

Don't leave your electricity key or gas card in the meter when you go

If you rent your property, it's a good idea to leave your electricity key or gas card with your landlord. If you're selling the property, you can leave them by the meter. Don't leave your electricity key or gas card in the meter. This will drain the meter's battery. 

Sign up again if you'd like Bulb to supply your new home

If you want your new home to be supplied with renewable energy, then joining Bulb again is easy. Just head to the sign-up page and let us know your new details.

Moving into a home with a top up meter

If you've moved into a home supplied by Bulb, just fill in the form to let us know. We'll set up your new account. If there's debt on the account from the previous occupiers, we'll remove this for you.

And we’ll:

  • explain how your new top up meters work
  • check you have everything you need to top up
  • send you a Welcome Pack with information about your rates

Let us know if you are unable to top up

If you’ve moved in and haven’t got an electricity key or gas card to top up your meter, get in touch with us and we can help.

Emergency Credit and Friendly Credit may also be available on your meters. This is credit you can borrow quickly when your meters are running low.

You still need to register your account with us if you want to switch supplier in the future or you've been with Bulb before

When you tell us you've moved in, we'll set up a new account. This will make sure you're only paying for the energy you're using, and it will make it easier if you want to switch suppliers in the future.


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