Replacing a lost electricity key or gas card

If you’ve lost your electricity key or gas card, get in touch so we can send you a new one. 

We usually send out new keys or cards in 3 to 5 working days. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused postal delays and a higher demand than usual, so it could take longer.

We'll replace your first key or card free of charge

After this, there will be a £5 charge added to the key or card when it's issued.

You can use the gas card from your old supplier while you wait for a new one from Bulb

Gas meters will accept the last 2 cards you used while you were with your old supplier. If you have one of your old supplier's cards, you can use this to top up while you wait for your new card. Make sure you use up the credit on your old card before you insert the new card from Bulb.

Electricity meters don't recognise keys from your previous supplier once you've switched.

If you're running low on credit, read our guide on activating emergency credit.

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