How do I activate my emergency credit?

You can use your emergency credit when you can't top up before your existing credit runs out. This will give you £5 of credit for electricity or £10 credit for gas. You’ll have to pay this back next time you top up.

Different meters have their own ways of activating this so we've made a guide below to help.

If your meter has a blue button


When your meter is below £1 of credit and you insert your prepayment key, it will go into emergency credit mode automatically. You’ll know this has happened as it will show an ‘E’ on the left-hand side.

If your meter has a green button


For this type of meter, insert your electricity key and press the ‘B’ Button until you get to the emergency credit screen. You’ll know you’re there when you see ‘EmCr' appear at the top right-hand side of the screen.

Press the B button again on the screen, this will accept the emergency credit straight away.


If your meter has a keypad


When your meter has less than £2 remaining and you insert your electricity key it will display ‘EC offered’. When you see this, press the red button ‘A’ on your meter to activate your emergency credit.

If you don't see ‘EC Offered’ straight away press the number 7 after inserting your key and it will show up.


If your meter has an A and B button



When you insert your gas card with less than £2 credit the first display will show ‘EmCR Available’ if you haven't used all your emergency credit yet.

You can press the red button until you get to the ‘Accept EmCr?’ screen. Pressing B twice on this screen accepts the emergency credit.

Your remaining emergency credit amount will now show on the first display.



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