Activating and repaying Emergency Credit on your top up (prepay) meter

The information on this page is for traditional top up (prepay) meters. If you’re on our Smart Pay As You Go plan, find out about activating Emergency Credit on your meter.

Your top up meter allows you to borrow credit in case of emergencies. It makes sure your home has electricity or gas until you’re able to top up. The amount of credit available is:

  • £5 for electricity top up meters
  • £10 for gas top up meters

You need to repay your Emergency Credit in full before you can use it again. 

Find out how to:

How to activate Emergency Credit

Each meter has a different way to activate Emergency Credit. We've listed the most common meters below.

Activating Emergency Credit on your electricity meter

 A top-up meter with a blue button on the top right.

When your meter has less than £1 of credit, put in your prepayment key. The meter will activate the Emergency Credit automatically. You should see an 'E' on the left side of the display.


Activating Emergency Credit on your gas meter

 A top-up meter with an ‘A’ button above a ‘B’ button.

 A top-up meter with an ‘A’ button to the left of a ‘B’ button.

When your meter has less than £2 credit, put in your gas card. The display will show ‘EmCr Available’.

Press the red button until ‘Accept EmCr’ appears on the display. Then press the ‘B’ button twice to activate the Emergency Credit.

Your remaining Emergency Credit amount will now show on the first display.

Repaying Emergency Credit

While you’re using Emergency Credit, Bulb will:

  • use the Emergency Credit to pay for the energy you’re using
  • stop taking payments for your daily standing charge – these payments will build up as debt on the meter

The next time you top up after using Emergency Credit, part of your top up will be taken automatically to start repaying the debt from the standing charge and your emergency credit.

Find out more about repaying debt on your:



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