What do the prepayment meter errors mean?

If you have an error message on your prepayment meter, it could mean a couple of things. Luckily, we have this handy list of the most common errors.

If the error requires you to get in touch with us, call us Monday to Friday, 9AM to 6PM, on 0300 30 30 635. Or you can email us at help@bulb.co.uk.

If your meter shows:

'Error D2'

The key is hasn't been configured properly in the factory. Just give us a quick ring, we can issue out a code for you to collect at your top up shop, after which the key will work as normal.

'Error D4'

This error can pop up when a new key isn't talking to your prepayment meter correctly. If this is the case, get in touch with us and we can send you a new one.

'Error D6'

This suggests there’s something wrong with your key. A likely cause is some dust on the key. Give it a wipe and if this doesn't help, let us know and we’ll send you a new key.

'Error 10'

This means your meter thinks you're using an old key. Double check you're using the most recent key. If the error doesn’t go away get in touch with us and we can send you a new one.

'Error 1', 'Call help' or 'Battery Fail'

These errors can suggest that there is a fault with your meter. Get in touch and we’ll get this fixed or exchanged.


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