How are estimated readings calculated?

Estimated readings are based on the past usage at your property, as reported by your meter. We’ll use meter readings you've given to us or previous suppliers to work out how much energy you’re likely to use.

Estimated readings are important for when we don’t have submitted meter readings. They allow us to continue supplying the right amount of energy to our members.

If we haven’t received a meter reading from you in a while, your estimates may not be entirely accurate. A reading at least every three months helps to keep things shipshape.

If the estimate on your statement is a little higher than you expected, don’t worry. Simply sign in to your Bulb Account and submit a meter reading. If your readings are lower than our estimates, we’ll pay back the difference to your Bulb account.

Some things to note

Estimates include changes in usage during warmer and colder months. They do not automatically take into account a change in circumstances, such as the property being empty for some time. This is why it’s important to submit regular meter readings.

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