How do I top up my smart prepayment meter using a VEND code?


A VEND code is a 20-digit code found on the receipt you receive when purchasing a top-up, usually found right above or below the barcode. This can then be manually entered into the smart meter. It looks like this:



This has to be done on the actual meter itself. Using your in-home display will not work.

How you enter this number depends on the type of smart meter you have.

If your smart meter has a keypad


Press the ‘A’ button and 'VEND MODE' will appear on the screen. Enter the 20-digit code and then press the ‘B’ button to confirm.

If you make a mistake at any time, press the ‘A’ button to delete the last digit entered.


If your smart meter has two A and B buttons


Press the ‘A’ button until you reach the credit entry screen. Press the ‘B’ button to accept.

Pressing the ‘A’ button will let you cycle through the numbers. Press the ‘B’ button to accept the number and move to the next one.

Press the button A to cycle through to your chosen number, then press button B to move to the next number.

Once you’ve entered all the numbers, press and hold the ‘B’ button. The screen will display that the top-up has been accepted.


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