What to do if the account holder has passed away

We'll help to make the process of handling the account as easy as possible.

We'll close the account of the person who has died. Then we'll send a final bill to the person who'll be managing the energy supply at the property.

If the property is unoccupied and no one is moving in right away, we’ll post the final statement to the person who’ll be dealing with the estate (known as the executor).

To start the process of closing the account, send an email to help@bulb.co.uk with the following:

  • a scanned copy or clear photograph of the death certificate
  • meter readings for the property, if you can get them
  • the email address, phone number and address of the person we should post the final statement to
  • whether the property is owned or rented, and the dates of the tenancy if rented (a copy of the tenancy agreement would be useful, if available)
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