This advice is for members who pay monthly by Direct Debit. There's separate advice if you pay for your energy by topping up.

We hate goodbyes, but if you want to leave Bulb all you need to do is sign up with another supplier.

Your new supplier will send us your meter readings which we’ll use to generate your final bill. We’ll send your final bill within 6 weeks of you leaving us.

Don't cancel your Direct Debit with us during this time, as we'll use it to take your final payment, or refund any outstanding credit. 

If your account is in credit, we’ll refund you

If you have outstanding credit that amounts to more than one month's payment, you might receive this as two payments. The first would be a refund of a full month's payment, and the second would be the remainder. 

Where possible, we’ll refund your credit back into the bank account you have registered with us.

If that’s not possible, we’ll send your refund via our secure payment partner, Wise. They'll email you directly about making the payment. Find out more about getting a payment via Wise.

If we’re unable to send your payment via wise, we’ll send your final refund via cheque, in the post.

If your account is in debit, you owe Bulb money

If your balance is negative, that means your account is in debit and you need to pay Bulb for the energy you’ve used. You can tell if your balance is negative by looking for the minus sign next to the amount. For example, £-10. 

If you’ve got a Direct Debit set up, once you get your final bill, we’ll automatically take your final payment 14 days later.

If you’d prefer, you can choose to pay your final bill in full by card. You may also see the option to pay off your final bill in monthly instalments.

Once you’ve paid your final bill, or if you’ve set up a payment plan, we’ll email you to confirm the details. You can check the status of your final bill at any time in your Bulb account.

If you're moving home and want us to come too

If you’re moving out of your home, you can take Bulb with you. Just let us know you’re moving home in your Bulb Account. Find out more about managing your energy when you're moving home.

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