How do smart top-up meters (also called prepay meters) work at Bulb?

If you have a smart top-up meter and would like to join Bulb, we'll need to switch you over to paying monthly, by direct debit.

Current smart top-up meters stop being smart when the property switches supplier. This means they can no longer be topped up online or with an app.

This means that if you join us with a smart top-up meter you will need to switch to paying for your energy monthly, by direct debit. To make this possible, your old supplier will swap you to a 'credit meter' on the day of your switch to Bulb. They’ll be able to do this remotely, so they won’t need to enter your property.

If you decide to go ahead and switch to Bulb, take a photo of any unused credit on your meter on the day of your switch. Send this to your old supplier and they should be able to give you a refund.

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