What happens when you switch to Bulb

We'll contact your current supplier and start the switch

Your switch date is usually 5 working days from when you first asked to switch. We'll send you email updates and a welcome pack explaining your tariff. You can check the progress of your switch in your Bulb Account, which is where you can also submit meter readings.

Five days before your switch date we'll ask you for an opening meter reading

We'll send this to your current supplier and they'll use it to calculate your final bill. It will also be used as the starting point for your account with Bulb. This makes sure you never pay for energy twice, and gets your account off on the right foot.

Your meter reading will be checked by an independent regulator

The regulator makes sure meter readings belong to their meters, and are in line with past records. Occasionally, such as when a property hasn't submitted meter readings for a long time, even these records can be a bit off. If this is the case, we can dispute your final meter reading for you with your current supplier, and make sure you're only paying for the energy you used. This would happen after you receive your final bill.

If you don't submit an opening meter reading, we'll use an estimate

Estimates are based on average usage at your address, and are held in a database used by every energy supplier. They're usually accurate, but if you've recently moved in and your lifestyle is quite different from the previous tenants or owners, the estimates could be off. We'll correct this on our side when you submit a reading to make sure you're only being charged for energy you're using. But in general it's better to submit an opening meter reading, and regular meter readings going forward, to avoid the possibility of a high bill later on.

Your current supplier will send you a final bill within 6 weeks

Because meter readings need to be checked and agreed, it can take some time for your current supplier to create your final bill. The Energy Switch Guarantee, which regulates the switching process, has capped this time at 6 weeks, so it shouldn't take longer.

We can dispute the meter reading on your final bill if it's very different from what's on your meter

Your current supplier might decide they're not going to use the reading you gave us. This can happen if the reading you submit to us is very different from the reading they were expecting. If this is the case, we can dispute the final bill for you. Just contact us letting us know you want to do this.

You have 14 days to cancel your switch

We think you've made the right choice joining Bulb, but you might change your mind. If you do, and you’re in the first 14 days of your switch (the 'cooling-off period'), you can cancel your switch in your Bulb account.

If the cooling-off period has finished, we’ll start supplying you on your switch date, but you can leave us for another supplier at any time after this.

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