About the Smart Tariff trial

The Smart Tariff Trial is now closed.

This trial started in 2018. We began with a small-scale prototype and progressed to a closed trial with several thousand members.

Our aim was to help our members lower bills and CO2 by avoiding high electricity use at peak times, and instead use it when it’s cheaper and in ready supply.

On this tariff, there were 2 different rates for electricity:

  • Peak - the most expensive
  • Off-peak - cheaper

These rates reflected the changing demand for electricity during the day. Demand is higher in the late afternoon and early evening than it is overnight. So on the Smart Tariff, it cost less to use electricity outside of peak hours.

Since 2018 we’ve installed more smart meters and more of our members are using electric vehicles (EVs). So in March 2022, we closed the Smart Tariff trial. We’re using what we’ve learned to help build our EV Tariff, which we think will help more people save. 

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