Switching to Bulb on top up (prepay)

You can switch to Bulb with a traditional top up (prepay) meter. Get a quote online to start your switch.

There's a different article if you want to switch to Bulb with a Smart top up (prepay) meter.

Before you switch, it’s worth knowing a few details to make sure everything goes smoothly.

When to start using your electricity key

Before switching over to your Bulb electricity key, you should first use up all the remaining credit on your old supplier’s key. Once you use your new electricity key, this will wipe any remaining credit from the meter.

When to use your gas card

For gas, you can swap your card at any time. Doing so won’t wipe your remaining credit, so you can pop your card in your meter as soon as you’ve topped it up.

It’s worth hanging on to your old gas card because your gas meter is able to recognise 2 cards, and you never know when it’ll come in handy.

Remember to check your meter screens

Be sure to check your meter in case there are some charges that you’re not expecting. For more info on this, check out this help article on unexpected payments.

If you haven’t topped up in a while, your gas meter may take some of your credit in order to pay the standing charge you’ve accumulated.

You won't have to pay off debt from previous tenants

If you’ve just moved into a property and there is existing debt on your meter you should let your current supplier know. They’ll be able to wipe this for you, but they may need to see a letting agreement as proof of tenancy.

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