How Bulb calculates your payments

This is how we calculate your monthly payments when you first join Bulb:

  1. We estimate your total energy usage for the next 12 months.
  2. We work out the cost of that usage, based on the current price of our variable tariff.
  3. We divide the cost by 12 so each monthly payment is the same.

After you’ve been with us for at least 3 months, we might suggest changing your monthly payment amount. For example, because you're using more or less energy than we estimated, or because you've built up some referral credit. You’ll see the suggested payment amount in the payment settings section of your Bulb account.

You can help make sure you’re paying the right amount by entering regular meter readings into your account. Find out:

How we estimate your energy usage

The result of every gas and electricity meter reading in the UK is shared with an independent regulator.

For every property, the regulator provides us with:

  • the Estimated Annual Consumption of electricity (EAC)
  • the Annual Quantity of gas used (AQ)

We use these figures to calculate how much energy you’re likely to use within the year.

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