The Feed-in Tariff was a government backed scheme that allowed energy suppliers to pay households for the electricity they generate. It pays for energy produced by renewable generation equipment such as solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbines or micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP).

The scheme closed on 1 April 2019. This means that all renewable power generation installations certified after that date won't be eligible for the 20 year payment scheme.

Bulb is a Mandatory FIT licensee, which means we'll continue to pay existing FIT accounts for the energy they generate. 


If you’ve already signed up, your payments will continue

You’ll keep getting FIT payments from Bulb until the end of your 20 year eligibility period.

You can still switch your Feed-in Tariff to a different supplier

The FIT end date only applies to registering new systems, so you'll still be able to switch to any FIT supplier. You can apply to change your FIT payments to Bulb in your Bulb account.

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