What you need to switch your Feed-in Tariff payments to Bulb

Installation requirements

You must be the installation owner

The name of the person applying to Bulb for FIT payments must match the owner of the installation on Ofgem’s database. If the installation isn’t currently in your name on Ofgem’s database, we won’t be able to switch you.

The name could be wrong because there’s been a change of ownership, for example if you’ve recently moved into a house with solar panels. 

Your generation meter must have been inspected in the last 2 years

As a FIT supplier, Ofgem requires us to take reasonable steps to verify the generation of your meter at least every 2 years. 

If your FIT generation meter hasn’t been verified for more than 2 years, Bulb won't be able to take on your FIT installation.

If it's been more than 2 years since your last inspection, contact your current FIT provider and ask them to check your meter. Once they've done this, and updated the Ofgem Central FIT Register, you can switch your FIT over to Bulb.

Documents you'll need

You'll need the following documents to switch your Feed-in Tariff (FIT) installation to Bulb.

Your MCS Certificate

When your microgeneration system is installed by an MCS certified installer, they give you an MCS Certificate as part of your Handover Pack. They might also have emailed it to you. It has details about your installation you’ll need to sign up for FIT with Bulb.

Your certification date is the date your installation certificate was produced. It's found on the top of your MCS Certificate. Your certificate will look something like this:

An MCS Certificate, with a logo at the top followed by the installation and equipment details.

If you've bought a property which already has an installation, the person or company you bought it from should know where your certificate is.

Still can’t find it? The MCS website has information on finding or requesting a new certificate.

Your battery schematic

The battery schematic is a diagram that shows how your installation, generation meter and storage device are connected together. This should have been provided by your battery installer.

We need this to make sure that your FIT payments are accurate.

Your battery schematic will probably be a line diagram. It will look something like this:

A battery schematic diagram, showing a battery’s connection to other components in a Feed-in Tariff installation.

Your personal identification documents

We accept these documents as proof of identity:

  • current photocard driving license
  • full old-style driving license
  • current signed passport
  • birth certificate
  • national identity card with a photo of the applicant
  • benefit book or original notification letter from the organisation that pays your benefits (usually the Department for Work and Pensions or you local council)
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