Why are my payments being increased?

You’ll need to increase your payments if you’re using more energy than expected and there’s a possibility of falling into debt in the future. There are two factors that we take into account:

Your account needs to build up credit to pay for the cold months

When you sign up to Bulb we estimate how much energy you’re likely to use across the year and divide the cost into 12 equal payments.

Paying this way means you’ll build up credit in the summer when you’re likely to be using less energy. This credit is then used to pay for the winter months when you’re likely to use more, due to colder temperatures, and longer nights. We advise everyone to keep two months credit in their account.

We check your account every 3 months to make sure you’re using the expected amount of energy, and your balance is healthy. Providing regular meter readings makes this process more accurate.

If you’ve been asked to increase your payments, it’s because you’re using more energy than expected. Increasing payments will keep your balance healthy.

You can change your payments at any time in your Bulb Account. Find out how.

A rise in the cost of energy

Bulb’s tariff is variable to reflect the true cost of energy. When energy prices fall, so do your payments. When energy prices rise, as they did this September, we have to ask you to increase your payments. You can find out more about the most recent price rise, why it happened and how we communicated it to all our members.

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