Why are my payments being increased?

We suggest increasing your payments if you’re using more energy than expected and there’s a possibility of falling into debt in the future.

There are two factors that we take into account:

1) Your account needs to build up credit to pay for the cold months

Energy usage in winter usually goes up, as a result of the colder temperatures and darker nights. So as we approach winter, we advise keeping the equivalent of two month’s credit in your account to pay for this increased usage and keep your balance healthy from winter to next spring.

Your winter credit is usually made up of your regular monthly payment (taken in advance) and the additional credit that you build up over the summer months. 

If it looks like you haven't built up enough creditwe'll suggest increasing your payments.

Our calculations are based on information from your own meter readings, and from the previous energy supplier at your property. But you can check your usage and update your payments in the Bulb account at any time. 

Find out how to change your payments.

2) A rise in the cost of energy

Bulb’s tariff is variable to reflect the true cost of energy. When energy prices fall, so do your payments. When energy prices rise, we have to ask you to increase your payments. We will always give you 30 days notice of any price rises, so you can switch to another supplier before the change happens, if you prefer. 

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