How do meter validation companies approve my meter readings?

When you close your account with an energy supplier, they’ll ask you to submit a final meter reading. When you switch energy suppliers you’ll submit an opening meter reading to the new supplier too. In both cases, those readings will be checked by an independent meter validation company.

The meter validation company will check your meter reading falls within their expected range. They’ll use the last meter reading you submitted to your old energy supplier as the minimum. They'll calculate the maximum allowable reading using this formula:

Last validated reading for the property + (expected usage x 2.5) = maximum allowable reading

Your expected usage is also based on a calculation. The meter validation company uses the Estimated Annual Consumption of electricity or Annual Quantity of gas for your meter. Every meter has one, and they’re kept in a central database. They convert that amount to a daily rate, then multiply it by the number of days between your last meter reading and your opening meter reading.

The meter validation company will approve your meter reading if it falls between or is equal to the minimum and maximum allowable readings.

If your meter reading falls outside of that range, they’ll provide Bulb and your old supplier with an estimated reading.

They calculate the estimated reading like this:

Last validated reading for the property + estimated usage = estimated reading

Your estimated usage is calculated the same way as your expected usage. 

So if Bulb doesn’t use the meter reading you sent us, it’s because it fell outside the range set by the meter validation company.

If this happens and you think it’s a mistake, and you want to use the reading you sent us, we can dispute the meter reading for you. But if the reading and the estimate are quite close, the dispute will be rejected in favour of the estimate.

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