Fix your prepay gas meter when the screen says ‘Off’

Your gas meter will switch itself off if it hasn’t been used for a while, or has completely run out of credit and emergency credit.

These steps will help you turn the meter back on.

If your meter displays 'OFF' and 'Call Help', these instructions won't work. You'll need to call us on 0300 30 30 635. 

A top-up gas meter with a red ‘A’ button and black ‘B’ button.

Before you start
Make sure your gas appliances are turned off and that you have credit available on your gas card.

How to fix the meter

  1. Put your card into the meter. It should show ‘Please wait, £XX.XX on card’
    (Where £XX.XX is the amount you have on the card)
  2. Press the red A button once to turn the meter display on
  3. Press the red A button again to bring up the ‘Hold for gas’ screen
  4. Hold down the red A button until the meter shows ‘Release A for gas’
  5. Let go of the red A button

It can take up to a minute before the meter beeps 3 times and the screen changes to ‘On’.

Once this is finished, press the red A button again to cycle through the screens and check any credit or debit amounts on the meter.

If you see 'Time Out' you need to keep pressing for longer.

If this doesn't work

If the supply has not switched back on after completing these steps, try the steps again without the gas card in the meter. If you have any further issues please get in touch with us.

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