The process of getting your gas or electricity meter moved depends whether you want it moved:

If your meter is on or in the ground, your network operator will need to alter the piping before we can move your meter. In some cases, the network operator may be able to move it themselves, but it's best to check with them first.

Less than one metre

We can organise this for you. It will cost £185.21 for a gas meter and £120 for an electricity meter.

Get in touch to book an appointment.

More than one metre or to a different wall

First, contact your network operator, as they may need to book a visit to move pipes or wiring before we can move the meter. The Energy Networks Association can tell you how to find your network operator

You’ll then need to get in touch to book an engineer to move the meter.

Your supply will be cut off between the 2 appointments, so you should try to make sure both visits happen on the same day - the network provider in the morning, and the meter engineer in the afternoon.

The cost of this move is £185.21 for gas and £120 for electricity. There may be an additional cost from the network operator.

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