How can I get my meter moved?

The process of moving your gas or electricity meter depends on how far you want to move it:
less than one meter on the same wall, or more than one meter or to a different wall.

Less than one meter on the same wall

We can organise this for you. It will cost £185.21 for a gas meter and £120 for an electricity meter. To book the move, call us on 0300 30 30 635, from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm).

More than one meter or to a different wall

First, contact your network operator, as they may need to move pipes or wiring before we can re-situate the meter. The Energy Networks Association provide information on how to find your network operator.

To get the meter moved in one day, book a morning slot with the network operator, and contact us to book an engineer for the same afternoon. Please allow 10-working days notice for us to schedule the booking.

The cost of this move £185.21 for gas and £120 for electricity. There may be an additional cost from the distributor.

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