Updated: February 2021
Some members have told us they’ve received a phone call from ‘DST Global Investments’ offering them a Bulb Energy Ltd bond.
This is a fraudulent phone call and this offer is false.
Bulb bonds or shares are not for sale.


Let us know if you're concerned

If you're suspicious about a call, or if the caller is putting you under pressure to provide personal information or passwords, we suggest you hang up.

Email fraud@bulb.co.uk and let us know what happened so we can take action if we need to. Or, if your concern is urgent, call us on 0300 303 0635.

If you do give your financial details to one of these callers, get in touch with your bank and file a report with the police by calling 101.

You can also file a report with Action Fraud, the National Fraud and Cyber Crime reporting centre, or register the call with Which?

How to check if a marketing call is from Bulb

If you're not a Bulb member, and you've given your consent to be contacted by companies offering services that could benefit you and your home, you may receive a marketing call from us. The numbers we will use to call you are:

  • 020 3907 6499
  • 020 3907 6358
  • 020 8138 3246
  • 020 3928 8275
  • 020 3907 6494
  • 020 8187 1298

We want you to join Bulb because you like what we’re doing. So all Bulb salespeople pledge to follow our sales principles. 

We’ll be honest and transparent to a fault
We don’t hide anything or make things difficult to understand. We’ll describe things in plain English and you won’t need a degree in Energy Management to understand us.

We’ll always be respectful about other energy suppliers
We won’t try to convince you that your current supplier isn’t good enough. Instead, we’ll explain why we think you should switch to Bulb so you can make an informed decision.

We’ll never pressure you into joining Bulb
We want you to be comfortable that you’ve made the right choice. That means you have all the information and all the time you need to make a decision.

If you ever think we're not sticking to our principles, please let us know. 

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