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How does a Paypoint or Payzone shop use a TAG code?

An 8-digit TAG code adds discretionary credit from Bulb straight to your electricity key. The shop will not be charged for the transaction. 

If you've been given a TAG code by Bulb, the shop staff at your Paypoint or Payzone should be trained on how to apply it. If they're not, this guide will help.

PayPoint staff

1. Type in the 8-digit TAG code. 
2. Select option 3.
3. Enter the shop's unique 4-digit PIN number.
4. Insert customer key.
5. Press enter until the amount is added. 

PayZone staff

1. Insert customer key. If it says "invalid key" press enter.
2. Select RTI.
3. Enter the shop's unique 4-digit PIN number.
4. Type in the 8-digit TAG code.


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