Do I need to prepare anything for my smart meter installation?

Here's a checklist of what you need to do for your smart meter installation:

Make sure someone’s home

Please make sure someone over the age of 18 is available to let the engineer in, and stay with them on the property until the installation is complete.

If this won’t be possible and you need to cancel, you can cancel up to 24 hours before the engineer is due, at no cost. If you cancel on the day of the appointment, there’s a £30 cancellation fee.

To cancel your appointment, call: 0203 8932 890

Allow enough time for the appointment

The appointment slot marks out the times between which the engineer will arrive. For example, if your slot is 10am to 12pm, the engineer could arrive at 11.45am. They’ll call in advance to give you a rough arrival time, and once they’ve arrived, the appointment can take up to 3 hours, so it could go past the time slot you’ve booked.

Let the engineer know where to park

The installation may require some heavy equipment, so parking near to your property is essential. They’ll call in advance of their visit, so be prepared to explain where they should park if it’s not immediately obvious. The engineer will pay parking fees if the nearest parking is a car park, or Pay and Display. If the engineer will need a permit to park nearby, you’ll need to arrange this in advance with your local Council.

Make it easy for the engineer to get to your meters

The engineers need to have easy access to your existing meters. Please clear the area around them and make sure the area is clean and tidy. If the engineer can’t get to your meters safely, the installation won’t be able to go ahead, and we might have to charge you for this.

The engineer will also need access to the main fuse switch for your electricity. This is where you can turn off the electricity supply for your home, and is usually next to your electricity meter. If you live in a flat, it could be behind a locked door, so you might need to contact the building manager in advance to ensure you have access on the day.

Keep pets in a separate room

The engineer needs to concentrate on the installation and keep everyone safe while they’re doing it. If you have pets (or curious children!), please keep them in a separate room even if they’re super friendly. 

Switch off sensitive electrical equipment

Just to be on the safe side, switch off things like your computer, TV and your household alarms before the installation begins. Once the installation is complete, remember to switch the essentials back on again. For older appliances usually left on all the time, check you know how to get them up and running again, for example, make sure you know how to relight the pilot light in your boiler.

And finally

The engineer will do everything they can to make the installation a success. If they can’t complete the installation they’ll explain why, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’ve found a solution. We've put together a list of reasons why a smart meter installation might fail. Some of these are easy to check yourself, so do take a look and make sure the engineer will have everything they need. 


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