How to connect your In-Home Display (IHD) to Wi-Fi

When smart meters are installed, you’ll also be given an In-Home Display (IHD). This is a small digital screen which shows how much energy you’re using.

There are two models of In-Home display

  • IHD3-PPMID: cannot connect to Wi-Fi
  • IHD3-CAD-PPMID: can connect to Wi-Fi

Connecting the IHD3-CAD-PPMID In-Home Display to Wi-Fi

If you were given one of these displays by the engineer, they should’ve already connected it to your Wi-Fi. If they didn’t, or it’s got disconnected, these are the steps you need to connect it.

1) Navigate through the controls to join the network

  • Press Menu/OK to bring up the menu
  • Press the forward Arrow until you see Settings [OK]
  • Press Menu/OK to select Settings
  • Press the forward Arrow until you see Switch on Wi-Fi and press Menu/OK
  • Press the forward Arrow until you see Join Network and press Menu/OK

2) Choose how you would like to connect to Wi-Fi
There are three different methods:

  1. Scan for networks
  2. WPS Push Button
  3. WPS PIN Entry

Press the forward Arrow to make your choice and Menu/OK to select it
Use the arrows to enter the password for your Wi-Fi network:

  • Use the forward and back arrows to select upper case, lower case, numbers or symbols 
  • press Menu/OK after every character
  • Press Save to save the password when you’re done.

If you choose to connect to your Wi-Fi using the WPS Push Button, you need to press the WPS button located on the back of your router and select the WPS Push Button option. Press MENU/OK to complete.

To disable the Wi-Fi connection

Press Menu/OK 
Press the right Arrow to scroll through to Settings [OK]
Press Menu/OK 
Use the right Arrow to scroll to Switch off Wi-Fi? and press Menu/OK.

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