Bulb's electricity: where it comes from and how it reaches your property

100% of Bulb’s electricity comes from renewable sources. We work with renewable generators from across the country to source this energy.

During 2018 to 2019, the sources of our renewable electricity were:

  • wind - 73%
  • solar - 24%
  • hydro - 3%

How our electricity reaches your property

We don’t deliver renewable electricity to your property direct from a wind or solar farm. Electricity is delivered through the National Grid, a melting pot of different types of energy.

The National Grid takes all the electricity put onto the grid by generators and moves it around the UK according to demand. This means that no energy supplier can guarantee the origin of the electricity you’re using in your property.

We buy energy on your behalf, so what we can do is make sure the money from your energy bills goes towards renewable generators. That’s what we make sure to do, and can prove with Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs).

You can find out more about how we buy our electricity.

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