Bulb's electricity: where it comes from and how it reaches your property

We supply renewable electricity to every member, on every tariff. You can find out more about our energy sources on our Energy page and see the data on our Fuel mix page

How our electricity reaches your property

We don’t deliver renewable electricity to your property direct from a wind or solar farm. Electricity is delivered through the National Grid, a melting pot of different types of energy.

As a green energy company, what we do is make sure that for every unit of electricity our members use, we buy a renewable generation certificate (called a REGO) to match. REGO certificates help us verify the amount of renewable energy we supply to the industry regulator, Ofgem. For Bulb, it's simple: 100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources like solar, wind and hydro. You can see the breakdown on our Fuel mix page or find out more about how we buy electricity.

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