I’ve been switched by mistake (also called an erroneous transfer)

Erroneous transfers are when a supplier takes over the wrong meter. It happens in about 1% of all switches. This article explains why they happen and how they get fixed.

There are a number of reasons why a supplier might take over the wrong supply

  • Meters are not labelled properly in the national database
  • An energy company has received your details by mistake, which can happen if you live in a flat or new build property
  • There’s been a human error, for example someone accidentally selected the wrong address
  • The switch was not cancelled in time, so it went through even though you changed your mind
  • In very rare cases a property is signed up to commit fraud

Let us know if you think you’ve been switched away from Bulb by mistake

If you’ve been sent an email with the subject “We’re sorry you’re leaving” and you didn’t sign up with another supplier, please let us know as soon as possible. If the erroneous transfer is caught before the switch is complete, we might be able to stop it. We have a short time to object to the switch, so the sooner you can notify us, the better.

If the switch goes through, we’ll raise an erroneous transfer request with the other supplier. This will take a bit longer to correct as we’ll need the other supplier to accept our request before we bring you back to Bulb. We aim to fix erroneous transfers within 20 working days.

You’ll never be asked to pay a supplier you didn’t agree to join

Once an erroneous transfer has been confirmed, your meter will be returned to the correct supplier. Billing will continue as normal, as if the erroneous transfer never happened.

You can check if we have the right meters by comparing supply numbers

The easiest way to find out whether we’re taking over the correct meters for your property is by checking your meter supply numbers.

Your meters are listed under unique supply numbers in a national database. For electricity this number is called MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number), and for gas it’s the MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number).

You can find these numbers on your statements and also in your Welcome Pack. They’ll look like this on a Bulb statement (the bottom row is the supply number):

A box with an S on the left followed by 2 rows of numbers - the bottom row is the meter supply number.

If the supply numbers on your old provider’s statements match the ones in your Bulb Welcome Pack or bill, everything is fine. We have taken over the right meters.

If the numbers are different, please get in touch so we can register for the correct ones. You will still be supplied by your old provider in the meantime. We’ll refund you for any payments you’ve made to Bulb for the wrong meter.

Bulb may have taken over your supply by mistake

We apologise if we’ve taken over your meters by mistake. Please let us know that we’ve made a mistake and we’ll fix the situation as quickly as we can. We’ll ask for your personal details to let you know the result of our investigation.

If you’ve informed your other supplier as well and it’s been more than 20 working days since you’ve had a response, you may be entitled to £30 compensation.

Once the erroneous transfer has been confirmed, we’ll send the meters back to your previous supplier. You will only be billed for your energy usage by the supplier you chose to be with. Bulb won’t charge you for anything we’ve not supplied.

If you decide to stay with Bulb, we’re happy to have you too. Just send us a copy of a recent energy bill and we’ll set up your account.

Bulb’s Erroneous Transfer Compensation Policy

If your switch starts after 1st May 2019 and you’ve been switched by accident, you may be entitled to compensation in the following situations:

  • When you report a potential erroneous switch, Bulb will compensate you £30 if we’re unable to agree with the other supplier within 20 working days
  • If you’ve told Bulb that we’ve taken your supply by mistake, and we don’t let you know what’s happened within 20 working days of you telling us, you may be entitled to £30 compensation
  • If Bulb fails to re-register your supply within 21 working days of agreeing to your erroneous transfer, Bulb will compensate you £30 for the delay
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