Managing your energy with the Bulb app

The Bulb app is the simplest way to manage your energy. So there’s no need to email us and wait for a reply, or spend time on a phone call.

You can use the Bulb app to:

And because the app keeps you signed in, you can do it all in just a few taps, without having to enter your password. 

The free Bulb app is available for:

While the Bulb app includes all the features you need the most, there are some extra things you can do on your online Bulb account.

Here’s how the Bulb app helps you manage your energy.


Submit meter readings

We’ve made it easier than ever to submit meter readings on the Bulb app.

On the ‘Home’ or ‘Readings’ tab, just tap ‘Electricity’ or ‘Gas’, then use your phone’s camera to take a picture of your meter. The app will then enter your reading for you.

And we’ve included a torch button in case your meter is in a dark cupboard.

If you prefer, you can enter your meter readings manually.

When to submit readings

If you’ve just joined Bulb we’ll need a meter reading within 5 days of your switch date. We’ll pass this reading on to your old supplier so they can close your account and send you a final bill. We’ll email you to tell you when to take this reading.

To keep your account on track and make sure you’re paying the right amount for your energy, you should submit a meter reading at least every 3 months, but ideally every month. We’ll email you to remind you.


Choose how often your smart meter takes readings

To see the most detail about your energy usage in the Bulb app, we recommend your smart meter takes readings every half hour.

If you want to change how often your smart meter takes readings, you can update your meter settings in the app at any time.

Start by tapping ‘Account’ in the bottom right corner of your device. Scroll to ‘Smart meter readings’ and tap on the link that says ‘Change reading frequency’.

You’ll be asked how often you want your smart meter to take readings. Scroll down until you reach the list of 3 options:

  • Every half hour (recommended)
  • Once a day
  • Once a month

Select the option you’d prefer and tap ‘Save settings’. Once you’ve chosen your preference, you’ll see a confirmation screen. Tap ‘Done’.


Change your payment settings

You can update your payment amount at any time. You can increase your payments to build up credit, or decrease them if you’re paying for more energy than you’re using.

To change your payment settings, go to the ‘Payments’ tab and then ‘Payment settings’.

As well as changing your monthly payment amount, you can: 

  • change the date you make your payments
  • change which bank account you pay from
  • switch from card payments to Direct Debit


View and download your statements

We’ll email your statements to you each month, but you can also see your account balance and download your previous statements on the Bulb app.

To see your balance, go to the ‘Payments’ tab and and scroll down to ‘History’.

To download a past statement, find the date you’re interested in and tap the green download icon:
A green download icon showing an arrow pointing downwards.


View your account details

Go to the ‘Account’ tab to view your account details.  

You can’t change your account details on the Bulb app. If you want to update your contact information or password, or add another name to your statements, go to your Bulb account online and choose ‘Account settings’.


Get help or talk to the Bulb community

If you need help with your Bulb account, go to the ‘Account’ tab, where you can choose:

  • ‘Go to the Help Centre’ and find answers to almost any question you might have about Bulb
  • ‘Chat with us’ button to start a chat with someone from Bulb
  • ‘Go to the community site’ to talk to the Bulb team or other Bulb members about anything to do with Bulb or green energy


Extra things you can do with your online Bulb account

We’ve worked hard to make the Bulb app the quickest way to manage your energy, and we’ve included all the features you need most. But there are still some useful things you can’t do on the app yet. This is where your online Bulb account comes in.

Sign in to your Bulb account to:

  • change your account details
  • top up your balance
  • track your energy usage
  • let us know you’re moving house
  • check your tariff information
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