How to read Bulb's smart meters

If your smart meters were installed by Bulb, here's how to read them.

For meters installed by other suppliers, or if you're not sure who installed your meter, find out how to read your type of smart meter.

Smart electricity meter

Your electricity reading will usually show up automatically on your meter’s screen.

If it doesn't, press the 'A' or 'OK' button to show your meter's different readings. You may need to press the button a few times, until you see 'Total Act Import'.

Your reading will be shown in kWh. We don't need any numbers after the decimal point.

Two-rate meters

If your smart electricity meter has 2 rates (usually a day rate and a cheaper night rate), here's how to find your readings.

  1. Press the 'B' button for 2 seconds to bring up the meter's readings. 
  2. Press the 'A' button to go through the meter's screens. There will be 2 readings labelled 'Rate', both shown in the unit 'kWh' - these are your meter's current readings. Usually, the higher one will be your meter's day reading, and the lower one will be the night reading. We don't need any numbers after the decimal point.

Smart gas meter

If your gas meter's display is blank, hold the 'A' button for a few seconds to wake it up.

Press the 'A' button a few times until you see ‘Meter Index’.

The reading will be in the format '00123.456m3'. We don't need any numbers after the decimal point.

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